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Your financial partner that helps you plan for the future, grow a business, or find security when times get tough

Great financial services are inaccessible to billions of people throughout the world. We are driven by the belief that everyone deserves access to fair and transparent financial services. Branch provides the funds you need to attain your goals.

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Fill out a simple form in under 30 seconds and submit for a quick review.


Receive your loan

Loans are convienently sent to your mobile money account in minutes.


Unlock larger loans

Repay with your mobile money account. Build your credit to unlock larger loans.

How We Make a Lending Decision


Our machine learning algorithms process thousands of data points to assess your credit profile and create tailored loan products. We collect this data with permission by accessing information on your phone:

  • Handset Details
  • SMS Logs
  • Social Network Data
  • GPS Data
  • Call logs
  • Contact lists

Commitment to Privacy

We use world class data security and encryption techniques to protect the data you share. With this data, we create a seamless experience that provides transparent financial services to our customers.

Branch never shares your information with third parties unless it is for dedicated business purposes, such as reporting defaulters to authorized credit reference bureaus. We do not sell your data or credit profile.

For more details, please read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The More You Use Branch, the Better it Gets

As you build your credit history with Branch, our fees dramatically decrease and you unlock larger loans and more flexible terms. We designed our loan product to fit your needs. We do not require savings to become a customer. Our loans do not have late penalties or rollover fees.

Kenya Tanzania Nigeria
Loan Amounts Ksh 250 - Ksh 50,000 Tsh 5,000 - Tsh 1,000,000 N1,500 - N150,000
Loan Terms 4 - 52 Weeks 4 - 64 Weeks 4 - 64 Weeks
Late / Rollover Fees None None None
Interest Range 10% - 23% 14% - 34% 14% - 28%
Equivalent Monthly Interest 1% - 14% 1% - 21% 1% - 21%
Equivalent APR 12% - 180% 12% - 260% 15% - 260%